roasted pork, ham, and swiss cheese with pickles, mustard, and garlic aioli


roasted pork, grilled onions & peppers, fresh cilantro, pickled jalapeño, and garlic aioli

Mojo Pollo

mojo-grilled chicken, mixed greens, tomato, fresh cilantro, herb vinaigrette, and garlic aioli


roasted portobello mushroom, pepper jack cheese, grilled peppers & onions, mixed greens, tomato, and garlic aioli

Vaca Frita Melt

crispy pulled beef, melted pepper jack cheese, grilled onions & peppers, and garlic aioli


served with yellow rice, black beans, and sweet plantains

Grilled Chicken

mojo-marinated chicken grilled fresh and served with grilled onions & peppers and lime

Puerco Asado

mojo-marinated and roasted pork with grilled onions & peppers and lime

Ropa Vieja

tomato and sofrito braised beef with olives, red peppers & onions

Portobello Criollo

roasted portobello mushroom with criollo sauce and grilled onions & peppers

Vaca Frita

crispy pulled beef with mojo, lime and grilled peppers & onions


Chicken & Cheese

mojo grilled chicken with monterrey jack cheese and a hint of garlic aioli folded into flaky pastry and fried golden brown. goes great with all of the sauces.


slow-roasted, shredded beef with roasted peppers & onions, criollo sauce, and tomato puree, all folded into flaky pastry.  especially delicious with garlic aioli.


roasted portobello mushroom with monterey jack cheese, grilled peppers & onions, fresh cilantro, and a dash of criollo sauce. pairs really well with the garlic aioli.




Black Beans

Yellow Rice

Black Beans & Rice

Yucca Fries


Beni's Sauce

tomato puree, mojo, sofrito & hot sauce

Garlic Aioli

roasted garlic, citrus & cilantro mayo


citrus, roasted garlic, olive oil & vinegar

Hot Sauce

arbol chile, jalapeƱo, vinegar & roasted garlic